Plugin: Follow This


This plugin allows you to use a path  inside a Group  for a Follow Me operation on a Face outside the Group.

This plugin is at the stage where it works in simple situations, but may not be reliable or stable. Use with caution.


Update 2010-Dec (small change)

  • Valid Faces are highlighted as the mouse is moved  over them.
  • Changed filename (see note at end of post.)


  • Open a Group for editing, and right-click a Face.
  • Select Follow This from the context menu.
  • The Group will close. 
  • Move the mouse over a Face you want to extrude, then select it using the right mouse button.

To install, right-click the link below and select "Save As" to save the file to your computer. Move the file into your SketchUp Plugins folder, and restart Sketchup

  • Download plugin: jf_follow_this.rb <-- Right-click, and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As"
  • Once saved, move or copy the file to your SketchUp Plugins folder.
  • The "Follow This" item will appear when right-clicking a Face.
  • Note: This file should replace any file named follow_this1.rb (if installed.)


Anonymous said...


I tried again, but no luck.
I downloaded several others and they work fine, but this one keeps sending an error. seems like a syntax error. Can you take a look a it


Error Loading File follow_this1.rb

C:/Archivos de programa/Google/Google SketchUp 6/Plugins/follow_this1.rb:1: syntax error

J said...

Oops. I had the wrong file uploaded. It should work now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim

Now it works

Anonymous said...

genius, simply genius... i was wondering how to learn ruby scripting for sketchup, i cant find any good place to start. if you would, email me at and let me know where to begin. i would greatly appreciate it. thank you

J said...

This sketchucation tutorial is a good place to start.

Anonymous said...


does this 'follow this' plugin still exist or has it been replaced by a updated plugin of a new name as this ruby can't be downloaded from the link ': follow_this1.rb ' on this or any other webpage and i can't find any info on it on the sketchucation site either?
many thank

J said...

Oh sorry - the link was incorrect, but now is fixed.

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