Plugin: No Faces

I've been experimenting a lot with Observers lately. Here's a plugin called No Faces. It doesn't prevent faces from being created, but it deletes the faces after they are created. Consider it experimental.


Jan Sandstrom said...

I think this could be good when drawing in 2d.

Anonymous said...

Very creative. This open the ossibilities for new tools and keeps within the SketchUp theme of easy to use and "cool".

A colleague and I were just discussing the need for some type of "smart" autogroup function for circles, rectangle, polys, etc.


oikakeru said...

Hi Jim,

you should know that there is a conflict between your script and those SkechyPhysic because singleton.rb file which is not the same as SketchyPhysics.

Good luck for the future, it's a great script!
Thank you for your work.

Gieke said...

nice tool, I see a practical use. Only the undo doesn't work anymore. I guess it undoes the erasing of a face, which then is automatically erased again. So that's a kind of a loop. Put faces on enabled again, and then the undo works again.

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