Plugin: Model Location

* This plug-in was made for SketchUp version 6 Free because it lacked the dialog (which Pro had) to change these settings. This has become obsolete since SU 7.

Sets the location information on a model.

2/10/08 - Added an input for your Time Zone.

3/15/08 Added DayLight savings value, changed order of inputs.

You need to download both files:

Download model_location.rb
Require: inputbox.rb

Tip: Set this once, and save it as a template.


Anonymous said...

Thanks- just used your plugin, as the recommended procedure of locating via google earth was highly unsuccessful.

Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

This a great plugin-awesome for solar design. Thanks!

pascal said...

Thank you for this very useful plugin

Pascal, Grenoble

Anonymous said...

This could be a lot more useful if dst would only be used in PART of the year, as it is in practice. If I move the date slider in the shadow window, dst should switch on and off depending on te date selected.

Anonymous said...

Hi !
I just downloaded the plugin and install it, but I can't find how to activate it...
In which menu should I find it ?
Where can I find the plugin's window ?
Thank you and best regards.

el trigo said...

wow, really great. very nice this feature, helped a lot, thanks.

SketchUp Plugin Reviewer said...

Great plugin! We have reviewed it on! We are not sure if we correctly described the use of it so review our post and post a comment if we are incorrect.

Thanks for your wonderful work!
Joe S.
SketchUp Reviewer

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