SketchUp Graphing Plugin

Update: 2010 December 05, a cold and snowy Sunday morning.
  • Add function to Layer (allows Color By Layer)
  • Add Function to Group
  • Users can enter X range and X step values

Equation Grapher is a free plugin for Google SketchUp.

Activate the plugin in the menu: Plugins/JF Graph Eq

A dialog will ask for the X Range and X step value to plot the function through.

The Function dialog will prompt you to enter the function to graph. The function must be valid Ruby language statement. (see also: Ruby Math module.) Use paranthesis to force order of operations, or whenever there is doubt in the order in which operations might occur.


To display the plots in color, open the Layers dialog and select Color By Layer in the fly-out menu. Then, select Edge color by material in the Styles/Edge Settings dialog.


Download the file attachment below. Move the file to your SketchUp Plugin folder, and restart SketchUp. The file is meant to replace the file named eq_grapher.rb (if you have it also.)

Download: jf_eq_grapher.rb.


Stefan M. Moser said...

What the heck are you doing with this software? That's great.

I don't use normally that kind of graphing software, but i have to say your ideas rock!

ramon said...

Great, when are you post it ?

J said...


Thanks for your interest.

I have not had time to work on it. All I can say right now is check back in a few weeks.

Unknown said...

Genius! This should be very helpful. Hopefully can be developed much more!

Anonymous said...

Well that may be really useful. I wonder could you make plugin for parametric defined curves in 3d. I mean a curve with radius vector r(t) with coordinates functions on t: x(t), y(t) and z(t). This would be very useful for defining both 2d and 3d curves (elipses, spirals and so on). Please, if it is not a problem, could you notify me on, if you have managed to write such plugin. Thanks a lot!

Saurabh Gayali said...

can u support 3 dimensional graphs!!!! like in fractals
that wud make it complete to use as interior designer

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