SketchUp Context Menu Greyed Out?

There has been an extremely annoying problem occuring for Windows users of Sketchup where the right-click Context menus become grayed-out at some point during modeling. The only solution was to reboot SketchUp.

SketchUp employee jhauswirth has tracked down the problem to how Ruby scripts are creating the menus (see below.)

More importantly, it was found that one plugin in particular - FredoScale - was one of the main causes of the problem.

So if you are experiencing this problem, the best solution for now is to disable the FredoScale plugin, and only use it as needed until FredoScale can be updated.


SketchUpper jhauswirth explains the problem:

The problem is Ruby scripts are calling-
and not attaching the new command to a menu item.

If you want to verify this run-
for i in 0..1000 do
cmd ="Tester") { UI.messagebox("Hello World") }

I can see Ruby scripts creating new commands on each right mouse click.
Every new command creates a unique command ID in SU and there are only 1000
command IDs available. Normally a command is attached to a menu and when
the menu goes away the IDs are recycled, but since these commands are not
attached to a menu, they don't get recycled.
I'm going to try and figure out how to dump the list of commands (they have
menu item text) so that people can see who's causing the problem.

There was another bug regarding recycling menu IDs. This was caused by the app not being able to execute OnIdle because the context menu was constantly being popped up. I didn't mention this issue because once OnIdle got a chance to do its business all the menu items came back to life. All the issues I've seen would be Windows only.

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Anonymous said...

The three .rb files I've found that are causing the most problems no matter where I download them are;


XP Pro, SU 8 free two gigs, dual core

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