Updated WebConsole

I updated WebConsole - a multi-line Ruby code evaluator aimed to be an enhancement of the built-in Ruby Console.

This version will not prompt you to save code snippets when you close or clear the console. I found the prompts annoying, and so removed them.

Windows only
This release won't work on a Mac, I'm almost certain of that. I do plan on making it cross-platform in the future.

No More Results Area
I eliminated the results area of the console in favor of using SketchUp's Ruby Console. This was partially for performance - if you process a large number of entities, then the result is a large list which needs to get uploaded to the results. I figured why not just use the Ruby Console?

Open Ruby Console Button
So since there is no more results area, I added a button to open the Ruby Console. The same button will clear the Ruby Console if you have morisdov's rubyCons.exe utility installed.

Save/Load retains indentation
The code indentation is retained when loading and saving snippets.

Push/Pull code to Model
You can "push" the code into the Model, and "pull" it back into the console. Good for sharing a model and code in one file.

Code Indenter
I included a Ruby code beautifier from http://www.arachnoid.com/ruby/rubyBeautifier.html - so now you can indent the code in the console and even select the tab size.

There's more, but those are the biggies.

Download here.


Anonymous said...

...so, mac-compatible version?

tvcasualty said...

Jim seems the web console does not like to work with the idea of defining a method (looks like it used to). I try to say def my_method, puts "hello", end; and when called I get... (eval):15:in `my_method': undefined local variable or method `my_method' for JF::WebConsole:Module

Thanks for the great tool!

Jim said...

A quick fix is to use the self keyword:

def self.my_method

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