Construction Line Tool Update (version 1.2)

I made a few minor changes to my Construction Line Tool.

  • Cursor updates immediately after key press to indicate current line type. (Thanks to Thomas Thomassen.)
  • Use the current stipple when rubber-banding.
  • Made the default stipple to be the first in the selection list.
  • Updated the infinite cursor to be less heavy in appearance.
  • Increase line width when inference is locked.

Download Version 1.2

There are 2 downloads available. The Windows installer can be used in any situation and will replace any currently installed version. The downside is it is a larger download. It also allows for uninstalling from the Windows Start/Programs menu, or Control Panel.

The .zip file must be installed/removed manually - just extract and over-write the existing Construction Line Tool files in the Plugins folder.

1 comment:

drews said...

Thanx for great plugin. But in this version when I starting to draw construction line I can not cancel this or set line length. Other keys except shift, control and tab do not working.

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