LightUp 1.4 Released

LightUp v1.4
There's a new demo of LightUp available! Many, many improvements including the much requested drawing of BOTH sides of your model so you don't need to change anything and still be able to get realtime lighting and generate Stills & Movies instantly.

Changes from v1.3:

- Lights and draws BOTH sides of Sketchup faces.
- Improved exporting FBX to other modellers
- TIFF Still images store alpha component
- Handles "Always face camera" Component attributes (eg Sang)
- Parallel & Perspective projection cameras
- SSE & Altivec vectorization for better performance
- AVI files larger than 1GB broken into segments
- Allow Scene animation during recording
- Bug fixes for running on SU6
- Simple constant ambient mode for quick fill-in
- Draws IES photometric web with QueryTool
- Better handling graphics cards
- Pivot camera in Tourtool by holding down Alt
Click here to download:
NB You'll be provided with a new Registration key for the new demo.

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