Two New SketchUp Blogs

A couple of new SketchUp blogs began last week; both by well-known contributors to the SketchUp community.

First is Dale Marten's Whaat's Up SketchUp Plugins Blog. In Dale's words, he has several goals for his blog:
  • An information hub for all my plugins
  • Updates on what I am working on
  • Links to other SketchUp plugins sites
  • Links to tutorials, videos and support for my plugins
  • Image galleries for my plugins
  • Posting general ramblings of a SketchUp Ruby addict
Dale is the author of the such outstanding plugins as Subdivide and Smooth, BoolTools, and Profile Builder among others. Visit Dale's blog for a complete list.

Next is Bonnie's Blog: 3D design for K-12 and beyond. Bonnie says:
I'm hoping this space will become a valuable resource for those in education, and for anyone who wants some ideas and info on 3D design and its real-world applications. Welcome!
Bonnie is a prolific author of SketchUp books, and the person behind the 3DVinvi web site. Visit Bonnie's sites for SketchUp fun and information for all ages and levels.

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