Fredo6's Curviloft 1.1a (beta)

Fredo6 has released version 1.1 of his Curviloft tools for SketchUp. Curviloft is still considered a Beta release meaning it is not guranteed to be bug-free, but it does include a number of fixes and improvements:

Curviloft 1.1a – 12 Jan 11: Fourth beta version, dedicated to Loft Along Path. Main evolutions are:
  • Some fixes in Loft by Spline and Skinning.
  • Loft Along Path should be functional and handle 1, 2 or more contours with 3 methods: Stretch, Offset and Sweep
  • Two-phase loading of the script
On top of potential bugs and geometry issues (including bugsplats), there are still some limitations and unfinished work:
  • VCB is not active
  • No interactive edition in the floating palette
  • B-Spline and F-Spline do not close nicely in loop mode
  • No later reedition of shape generated (this will come)
  • all texts and labels are not reviewed yet

Note that this release requires LibFredo6 3.6 or higher.

Fredo also updated several other plugins to take advantage of the newer LibFred6 3.4, so you may also want to install these at the same time. I made a short-list of the most recent updates in this SketchUcation topic.

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