2Bot CNC ModelMaker

I thought this machine was interesting, since it says it is compatible with KMZ files produced by Google SketchUp.

The 2BOT ModelMaker is a turn-key solution for creating physical 3D models from 3D data. The system includes hardware, software, and material. Your 3D data needs to be loaded into the 2BOT software, called 2BOT Studio, which "is compatible with many different file formats including DWG, DXF, Google SketchUp KMZ, STL, and USGS FLT files."

(I couldn't find a price, or a description of the material.)

[ 2bot.com ]


kram242 said...

Very cool but very expensive!
The ModelMaker sells for $11,995!
IF your looking for a realistic solution check out the new version of the Phlatprinter 3

Jim said...

I am a big fan of Phlatboys, and I thought about ending the post with my thoughts and a link to you guys. But in the end decided against it.

However, I did add a perma-link to phlatboyz.com on the front page.

kram242 said...

Jim you rock brother! :)
Hope that was not out of place but I almost fell out off my chair when I saw the price of this thing!
Mark and Trish

mlb731 said...

I checked out both the products and videos of the 2Bot machine & the phlatboyz. I really didnt see the comparison? The 2bot machine is more expensive but is turn key and was cutting complex shapes and curves using multiple input file types and the phlatboyz was a do it yourself kit that was really just cutting 2d images. Not apples for apples.

Phlatboyz said...

Actually the Phlatprinter is a true 3 axis machine capable of carving 3D objects just like the other machine listed. However it is a kit :)

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