More Information on Today's SketchUp Release

Here are the version numbers for all the languages and platforms released today:

7.1.6860 English
7.1.6863 German
7.1.6864 Spanish
7.1.6865 French
7.1.6866 Italian
7.1.6867 Japanese

For Mac:
7.1.6859 English
7.1.6871 German
7.1.6872 Spanish
7.1.6873 French
7.1.6874 Italian
7.1.6905 Japanese

Thanks to Andrew of the Google SketchUp team for the information.

1 comment:

Georges LE ROUX said...

this new version, the free one, does not allow anymore to import dwg files...

this might be important enough to be mentioned, since sketchup was used together with autocad on a free basis, so far...

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