What's New in SkIndigo 2.2

What IS new in Skindigo 2.2?

  • Integrated Indigo Material Database Search
  • Sun Position Override Tool
  • New Color Picker Interface for Emitter Color
  • Custom Light Layer Names
  • Save Custom Defaults
  • New Interface for Setting Absorption
  • Select Camera Response Function
  • Network Rendering Settings
  • New Material Presets
  • New Subdivision Settings
  • Support for Surface Color (Absorption Layer Transmittance)
  • Support for Preview Thumbnails on Mac
  • Support for Back Face Export
  • Scene Tab Object Animation Support
  • Automatically Check for SkIndigo Updates
  • Recalibrated Background Color Gain
  • Critical Bug-Fix (Windows)
  • Many other bug-fixes and usability improvements
  • And a partridge in a pear tree.

And that's a lot of new.

link to [ What's New in SkIndigo 2.2: ]

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