Podium 1.7.2 Beta

On the heels of Podium Beta 2 comes Podium 1.7.2:

In SU Podium 1.7.2, Render All has been improved or rather "fixed". With this version, Render All works as it was original designed to. That is, when Render All is invoked, all scenes in the model will be rendered. With previous versions, Render All would quit working after a small number of scenes were rendered. Using 1.7.2 and Render All, it is possible to create animations where the camera moves through the model as in a walk-thru or fly-thru animation. There are several steps to creating the final animation but the most important step, Render All, works without having to resort to patching various models and scenes together.

When invoked, Render All renders each scene. To save time, only the first scene's geometry is processed. Each subsequent scene's camera view is then rendered. One draw back to this method is that object animations can not be created with Render All. You are limited to camera animations. Render All saves each rendered scene's JPG image to a designated folder. When it is complete, you can take all the images that were rendered and use Windows or Mac programs like Movie Maker or Quick Time Pro to create a video animation. The idea is that each scene in SketchUp is like a frame in a movie. When each scene is rendered with Render All, each JPG image can be used as a frame. When "stitched" together with Movie Maker or Quick Time, a walk-thru video animation is created. With 1.7.2's improved Render All function, the process is quite simple.


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