SketchUp Crayon Colors Material Library

Just goofing-off today, I created a SketchUp materials library according to this Wikipedia article.

Click image to download 133 standard crayon colors for SketchUp.


I have a couple other material libraries available also.


Anonymous said...

is just the color? what about th texture

Jim Foltz said...

The texture is the "Scribble on Masonite" Style that comes with Version 7. Although the edges have been modified.

Jim Foltz said...

So I went ahead and made a new sketchy style to go with the crayon colors - it'll be posted sometime on Thursday.

Al Hart said...

Jim, I would like to add these colors and the style to our NprTools add-on.

If that is OK, I will be glad to give you a free copy of NprTools when it is released.

Al Hart said...

How did you create the image to show al the colors. Is it a .skp file with the colors and the crayon style, if so, can you send it to me.

Jim Foltz said...

Al, I just resized the SketchUp Material Browser window and took a screen-shot.

Al Hart said...

I have the JFCrayon style loaded, but I do not see the pain effect in the SketchUp Material window.

Is there a trick to get the materials to show up with the current style/

Al Hart said...

This turned out kind of fun:



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