Arroway Wood Textures Vol. 1

These textures were downloaded from Arroway Textures. Recently, each Arroway texture was made available for download as a scaled-down/cropped version intended for testing and private use only.

The following image is composed of the free sample images from their Wood - Volume 1 collection. Most of these textures are 3000px wide by 360px high png images. Each comes with the main texture image, a bumpmap image, and a reflectivity image. Even though they are only "sample" textures, they are high quality and may be all you need for your non-commercial renderings.


Al Hart said...

We have created a "one click" converter for IRender nXt to load the Arroway Image Maps and create material/shaders from them. (You select one of the image maps, we find the rest and set the type and strength automatically from the naming conventions in the Arroway image map names.)

We have also asked Arroway to clarify the licensing of the "free" versions of their textures. Follow this thread on SketchUcation to see what we learn: Arroway Textures

Al Hart said...

The link didn't work properly.

I will add it again here:

Arroway Textures

If this one doesn't work, jump to the URL directly:

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