3-D modeling with SketchUp and Eclipse, Part 1

On the IBM Develperworks site, Matthew Scarpino has written an introductory tutorial about using the Eclipse editor with SketchUp.

The article has 2 sections: the first is a basic introduction to SketchUp and Ruby code, and the rest is about setting up the Eclipse editor to use TBD's Bridge plugin.

The author makes available an Eclipse plug-in for the Ruby language which he confusingly names "SketchUp SDK" and should not be confused with the SketchUp SDK.

Overall, it's a decent introduction to Ruby scripting for SketchUp.

3-D modeling with SketchUp and Eclipse, Part 1: Creating the bridge between SketchUp and Eclipse


One of Google's most recent and popular tools, SketchUp, takes the pain out of 3-D modeling. Not only does SketchUp make it easy to create designs manually but it also allows you to automate the design process with Ruby scripts. Because managing and editing these scripts is so important, it helps to have a full-featured development environment like Eclipse. Learn how to configure SketchUp and Eclipse so you can edit scripts in Eclipse and automatically execute them in SketchUp.

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Juvia said...

thanks for this tools. i have also managed to run this from Eclipse IDE easily as "external tools"

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