3skeng - 3D engineering software for Google SketchUp

"Are you an engineer-, planner or pipe fitter working in the building technology-, semiconductor-, solar-, opto-eletronics-, chemical, life science-, petrochemical-, water treatment-, food-, biochemical-, pharmaceutical-, ship building-industry? Are engineering of piping-, ventilation- or exhaust systems part of your work? If any of this applies to you, 3skeng is most likely the best choice for you."

Currently, only a piping plugin is available for download.

3skeng - 3D engineering software for Google SketchUp:


Enrico said...

Wow! This is how drawing pipes is supposed to be. Sketchup is not complete without this plugin.

control valves said...

I believe construction of such projects requires knowledge of engineering and management principles and business procedures, economics, and human behavior.

Anonymous said...

need help for free download 3skeng software..


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