Zorro2 Released

Big weekend for scripts... Dale Martens has released an update to his cool Zorro script.

New Features:

-made cuts work with parallel projection views
-added slice model at section plane (right click on a section plane for context menu)
-added nested cuts using CTRL modifier
-improved precision of cuts

Somes notes on this release:
- It is recommended to use 'Slice model at Section' on a backup of your SKP file. It is a destructive process.
- Cutting through nested components results in creation of many unique components
- Some code was used with permission from TIG's SectionCutFace script to create a cutting plane from a section plane. Thanks!
- Script should work for older versions of SU and also on Mac systems

I am calling this a beta version so please post any bugs or requests in this thread. Enjoy!

[ Zorro2 beta ]

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