New version of PlayUp is now available.

Ver Notes:

- Export components / groups with or without collision to Source (Orange Box or Episode 1)
- Export components / groups to CryEngine2 (no materials/textures or collision data, just geometry currently supported)
- Export level for Source with the ability to tag spawns and static/dynamic models-- but not BSPs
- The Source levels will be generated with a basic skybox and player spawn that you can delete or modify in Hammer as you please. This allows you to open the map in Hammer and run it right away.
- Models containing a large number of faces will run into problems when trying to import them into Hammer as there is a size limit. We are working to make this process seamless in later builds.
- Level export to CryEngine 2 not yet supported.


Anonymous said...

A better solution for getting Sketchup content into the cryengine is ColladaCGF here

Anonymous said...

The CryEngine 2 stuff in PlayUp is still very alpha as it has no materials / texture support yet. Hopefully in the next update we'll see more. The ColladaCGF plugin is the way to go for now, except that it requires you to go from SketchUp to XSI to Cry. It will be nice to go from SketchUp directly to Cry.

Unknown said...

Maybe you guys can help me here, since I'm not getting help from Playup's website. I'm exporting my simple model with the paths exactly as specified, and i'm getting errors in Hammer. Is there a step by step tutorial (other than those in the forums on hammer which haven't helped)?

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