Video: SketchUp for Illustration

Here is a great time-lapse video showing how a SketchUp user called elfpainter from Korea uses SketchUp and to create comic illustrations.


Earlington said...

where did he get that girl model.
or what's it's name?

Unknown said...

Wow!! Thanks for Posting!!!!!

kichizo said...

Wow~~ haha. good.

Unknown said...

Yes, the posable model looks very useful for setting up camera shots and scenery, conference room setups, etc.

It seems to be a set of groups or components with reference disks for orienting the rotate tool at the limb's axis of rotation about a joint.

If it were just a collection of objects, then it couldn't be conveniently moved as a single unit, unless it were all grouped, in which case the rotations would have to be done during an "edit group" session, which doesn't seem to be the case.

I'd love to see posable figures of this sort on the 3D warehouse.

Unknown said...

I really like the posable figure used here. It would be very useful for setting video shoots, arranging conference rooms, etc.

The posable elements appear to be groups with an attached reference disk to ensure that a Rotate tool can be set on the correct plane and axis.

I'd love to see such a figure, male, female or unisex; perhaps scaled to different ages and body types, on the 3D warehouse.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback.
Currently I'm making, and is tested alone.
Sooner or later the female figures will be released on my blog and 3dwarehouse.
Please wait.

Unknown said...

I uploaded figureup my blog and 3dwarehouse!!

Unknown said...



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