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A recent plugin of mine, Make Ortho Views, was mentioned on Fine Woodworking's Design. Click. Build. blog. Author and SketchUp Woodworking expert Dave Richards did a nice write-up on how the plugin can be used. Thank you Dave!

In addition to the Design. Click. Build blog, you can see more of Dave's SketchUp work in Fine Woodworking's Tools and Shops 2010. Dave produced the fantastic illustrations and accompanying plans in SketchUp for the article "A Workbench 30 years in the Making" (also available through fww.)  Dave Richards can be reached at Design. Click. Build.

Also, I would like to thank this person for purchasing my make ortho views plugin:
I am running Sketchup Pro 7 on a Mac and recently (today) downloaded the make ortho views ruby.  Put it/them in the appropriate folder and on run receive the following error message...Error Loading File MakeOrthoViews.rb undefined method `find_image' for JF:Module.

Can you help?

I want to help, but... how do I contact you?

Finally,  I added a "Your Contact Information" field to my contact form. ;)

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