Pirenesi Releases Free Exporter for SketchUp

23rd October 2009, Cambridge, UK – Informatix Software International, a global provider of CAD software solutions, today announces the availability of the free Prianesi Google SketchUp ruby script along with a new concurrent pricing structure for the Piranesi product to ease the cost of software ownership.

The free ruby script for SketchUp enables users to export their models created in either the free or Pro versions into Piranesi, the leading artist impression tool on the market, and create artist impressions of the model.

The script itself allows the user to export the model from SketchUp to the EPix file format, where they can quickly convert rigid, hard-edged models into a softer, expressive artist’s impression. Piranesi v5.1 is more than just a painting tool – it is a graphical persuader that excels at turning conceptual 2D and 3D models into wonderfully atmospheric, stylised and persuasive visualisations.

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