100 Subscribers!

SketchUp Plugins passed 100 daily subscribers today, and I just wanted to thank everyone who subscribes.

So to celebrate, I am allowing myself a Feedburner subscriber count widget. Yea!

You may have noticed I've dramatically increased the number of postings since Jan 1, 2008. In fact, by mid February of this year I had already posted more topics than I did in all of 2007. With an endless stream of SketchUp-related topics in my inbox, there's no end in site.

Yet, I'm not satisfied with many of the posts. There are many topics I merely mentioned which deserve more in-depth coverage. There are many topics that I see as missed opportunity for me to learn something, too. Everyday, people are discovering SketchUp and posting about it on their blogs, new videos are being made, and new plugins developed. As I said, there's no lack of topics to post - it comes down to finding time to sort them out follow-up on them.

So, that's my "State of the Blog" address for Feb 2008, and a hint at where I'd like to go in the future.

Once more, thanks to all the readers. Now it's your turn to speak up.

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