Twitter - For The Last Time

Yesterday I was ready to stop using twitter, but Martí from CAD.Addict pointed me to twitter feed.

Twitter feed will automatically send my blog posts to twitter. Long story short - with no extra effort from me, people will still be able to follow me using Twitter.


Tom said...


Why were you ready to stop using twitter? You are only just into double digit posts and followers! Stick with it and connect with people as it is worth it.

IMO, the worst thing you can do is just feed your RSS to the account - if i want to follow your blog posts i will use a feed reader! :)

Jim Foltz said...

twitterfeed doesn't let me pick the links, so twitter users always need to click through my blog to get to the links. Good for me, annoying for twitter users. I find it annoying enough where to justify not using twitterfeed.

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