SketchUp Transformation Tweening Animation Videos

These 2 quick demo videos show Groups being animated in Google SketchUp.

Although the motion is most noticeable, it is not strictly the position that is being animated - each Group's Transformation is being tweened from the initial to a target Transformation. This means it should be possible to tween rotation and scaling of the Group also. The rotation is also shown in the videos, but the scaling is not working yet.

The first video shows a 'quad in/out' easing, and the second a 'back in/out' easing.

The animations are slow because my computer is old.


Jan Sandström said...

Glad to see some progress in this area.
Tell me more...

troy said...

is this a new plugin? how are you animating these groups??

Jim Foltz said...

troy - I am using something similar to the ideas in this post.

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