City Gen SketchUp Plugin

City Gen is a SketchUp Plugin project initiated by SketchUcation moderator Remus Knowles.

Some of the initial design goals included:
  • Module design to make adding features easier.
  • Rapid build-up of roads and buildings.
  • Possible dynamic level-of-detail depending on proximity to an object.

The project is in the early stages, but still does a couple of useful things - mainly creating roads from color-coded lines.

City Gen is an open-source project with the code hosted using Google Code, with general discussion hosted on the SketchUcation CityGen forums. There is a City Gen Blog, too.

The model below shows a building generator module for City Gen which I am currently ironing out.


Nathan said...

Wow! This will be very handy. Before this, your Protrude plugin was the closest thing to city-block generation.

j said...

Cool stuff! This will be very useful when laying context models for urban planning designs. Thanks for showing this off! Check out A Constructed Reality for more tips, tricks, and tutorials regarding your 3D modeling projects. A Constructed Reality

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