Sketchup Sun Position Plugin Version 1.0

Gabriel wrote in to announce his new Sun Position plugin:

Here is a Sketchup plugin which will draw the path that the sun travels for one day. It does this by first calculating the sun's position at the moment the plugin is run and then adding one half hour and redrawing it repeatedly until 24 hours have passed.

Nice plugin and thoroughly documented.

Thanks, Gabriel.


Gabriel said...

Hey everybody,

I have been emailing back and forth with someone who is experiencing trouble with my sun plugin.

He says that, when he tries to choose a specific date, it does not give him the chance to fill it in but instead skips straight to drawing the path of the sun.

It is working fine for me, so I can't replicate the problem and fix it.

He is using Sketchup Pro 7 and a Mac, and I don't have either of these to test with.

Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know where I might look for the solution?

Thanks! I really appreciate it.

Tomasz said...

Gabriel, DO NOT modify built-in ruby methods!! flat.round already exists! Enclose new method in your own MODULE!

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