Click and Drag Unfolding

This is just a demo video showing a new interface for my Unfold Tool. Instead of needing to click every segment of a curve, you can click and drag to select them.

Special thanks to alz for the suggestion.


monsterzero said...

holy cow, Jim. this is really cool. this would be perfect for a future project i have in mind.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a neat improvement to a cute script.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Jim,

I hope you find time soon to develop your fantastic unfold tool further.

Thanks and greetings,

Bep van Malde

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim!

How's it going with the Unfold Plugin 2?! Any progression?

I can't wait!

grtz and good luck!

J said...

It's going slow! I haven't made any progress since this initial prototype. Want to help?

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