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So my latest idea is to use the social bookmarking site to organize all the sketchup plugins. I created a new account and plan on using it only for SketchUp plugins (or very closely related) links.

Delicious has some features that I hope will make it easier to discover the best, most useful, and interesting SketchUp plugins available. By using a few well-chosen tags and tag bundles, it should be possible to build a quality SketchUp plugins link database.

I'm just getting started adding links, but my best estimate is there are now over 1,000 individual plugins available for SketchUp.  I want to encourage community participation in order to make the list as useful and complete as possible. If you have a delicious account and would like to help please send your plugins links to my account, or add me to your network. If not, you can still browse the bookmarks and hopefully discover something new.

Questions, comments, and ideas are welcomed. I'm particularly interested in hearing about tags to use as "Major Categories" in organizing the links. What makes sense to you? What is the minimum number of major categories that are needed to organize all plugins? 

[ pluginsblog's delicious bookmarks ]


GuitaRJF said...

I guess I'd think this would be a self-organizing crowd-sourced repository. No need to impose any particular organization principle, each user could have their own way of accessing the links if there are sufficient tags.

just a thought

Georges LE ROUX said...

is a classification for sketchup plugins so necessary...?
Personnaly, i like the idea that somewhere, there could be one i still don't know and might be useful; this is the fun and exciting part, that makes me look and look again...

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