Fredo' s Curvloft (Beta) Update

Fredo has released an update to his Curviloft Loft and Skinning plugin for SketchUp . This brings the version up to 1.0c. Although still not out of beta, it offers some new features and bug-fixes over the previous beta:

Curviloft 1.0c – LibFredo6 3.5c – 20 Aug 10: Third beta version, dedicated to fix bugs in Loft by Spline and Skinning. Loft Along Path is still not fully functional. Main evolutions are (more details):

* Skinning accept preselection of contours in more cases. Thanks to Daniel S. for signaling some configurations not working. Also some problems mentioned by Mac users should normally be fixed.
* For Loft Along Path, improvements for cases with a single contour (kind of FollowMe)

On top of potential bugs and geometry issues (including bugsplats), there are still some limitations and unfinished work:

* VCB is not active
* No interactive edition in the floating palette
* B-Spline and F-Spline do not close nicely in loop mode
* No later reedition of shape generated (this will come)
* all texts and labels are not reviewed yet

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