Shaderlight for SketchUp free Beta Software

Shaderlight is an integrated, interactive, photo-realistic renderer for Google SketchUp. Shaderlight lets you move objects or camera angles within a scene and see the results instantly as the image refines.


  •  Interactive, progressive rendering that updates all changes in the Shaderlight render window
  •  Zoom and pan the rendered image
  •  Automatic material presets applied to the SketchUp material collection
  •  Material finishes controlled via the Shaderlight Material Editor
  •  Automatic lighting using SketchUp sun ,sky and shadow controlsImage based lighting (IBL) using preset or custom High Dynamic Range (HDR) images
  •  Change background setting with options for SketchUp background colour, IBL environment or custom background
  •  Simple quality setting to provide quick previews, or high quality final render

link: [ Shaderlight ]

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