Light-Up 1.7 Released

Really focussed on handling of large models for v1.7 - we're seeing huge performance increases on large models.

- Significantly better at handling large models. Both in terms of lighting times which is improved but also Tourtool which is 5x faster.
- 1-click light source placement (Alt/Apple + Left mouse click with Query Tool)
- Interactive aiming of multiple light sources (Ctrl/Alt + Left mouse button with Query Tool)
- Canceling in progress lighting
- Stability improvements and bug fixes
- IES lights look in a "Lights" folder relative to your .skp file making moving files to other computers easier.
- Honoring "Hide" for individual faces
- Stop/start animation controls
- Option to use or ignore current Selection in lighting
- Fix for FBX exporter not handling some hierarchies correctly
- Fix for weird magnifying reflections
- Many fixes to IBL calculations
- Light bleeding problems fixed in many cases.
- IES Type B light support (stadium/sports lighting)
- Saves last Capture dialog state so as to not keeping popping it up each time Tourtool is used
- Compressed texture support on graphics cards that support it

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