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Tim Halbur wanted to get the word out about an upcoming series of hour-long SketchUp training webinars aimed at urban planners, designers, and developers:

We're offering a number of online trainings on using SketchUp for urban planners and designers. We'd be thankful if you would post a link to help us get the word out. Press release follows, and can also be linked to at:

Using Google for Urban Planning and Design

Free Google applications and technologies are creating a vast field of opportunity for people interested in the operation and design of urban places. Google SktechUp, Maps and Earth make understanding and re-imagining land use and development incredibly easy.

To teach people how to use these technologies in the context of urban planning, a series of webinars will be offered this fall by Planetizen, the web's leading home for news and information about urban planning and development. These informative sessions will introduce planners, designers and developers to new technologies and skills that will help expand knowledge of the field.

Each webinar will take place on Wednesdays at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern. The cost is just $49.95. All Webinar Wednesday sessions have been approved to provide AICP Certification Maintenance credits.

Webinar Wednesdays Schedule:

September 23
Introduction to SketchUp for Planners

September 30
Density Conceptualization with SketchUp

October 21
Using Google Maps and Mashups for Planning

October 28
Google Earth for Planners -- An Introduction

November 4
The Virtual Staff Report -- Using the Free Version of Google Earth

November 11
The Virtual Staff Report -- Advanced Google Earth for Planners

Learn more about all of the education options Planetizen provides at

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