Quadstone Paramics - Traffic and Pedestrian Simulation

Quadstone Paramics announced integrated support for Google SketchUp.

Quadstone Paramics now provides integrated support for Google’s popular 3D modelling tool, SketchUp, bridging the gap between transport engineer and 3D modeller. Google’s 3D Warehouse contains thousands of both in house and third party developed SketchUp models which transport engineers can now utilise to create detailed visualisations of a given road network.

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Quadstone Paramics said...

Thanks for picking up on this, we're pretty excited about the possibilities.

Unknown said...

Yeah there's another simulation tool out called Simio

It's used for simulating manufacturing operations or service, etc, and they have integrated the 3D warehouse in the software...very cool, I've used other packages and you have to import CAD files and hope they look right...but Simio makes it nice and easy with the 3D warehouse...

J said...


Thanks for the link to Simio. Is there information specifically about SketchUp integration?

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