Alternative for Hosting Plugins?

I am looking for suggestions on where I could host my plugins. The main limitation of using a blog to host content is the feedback (or lack of) feature. The comments are ok, but they tend to get buried as the post ages, and they are not searchable. I think they are a little inconvenient to use. Editing and updating pages is not as easy as it could be either. The blogger post editor isn't up to the task. I think the blog has become an obstacle between me and users of my plugins.

I am thinking of using Google Groups to host the plugins and a forum. I would be able to host files, and have a single forum for discussions. Each plugin could have its own page, also. A limitation of Google groups is that you get only a single forum, and sub-forums are not supported but I think it could work. What about access? Can everyone use Google Groups, particularly if someone does not have a google account?

I do plan of continuing to post SketchUp news and announcements here - but I wonder if moving my plugins elsewhere would serve everyone better.

Any thoughts or other suggestions?


arqpadao said...

I use blogspot for my text and pictures and host the files on with 5 gb free, and with several plans for more space. To organize the folders as if it were Windows Explorer. I find very interesting. Try.

arqpadao said...

If I may put a suggestion in his blog google translation is very useful for those who speak other languages.

Anonymous said...

I have a blogger blog that is only a download site, I have well over 300+ files.

Create a new site at then create a new webpage for each month of the year, on the new google site, this will help keep things in order, anytime you want to post a new plugin/file here on your blogger blog, all you need to do is post the file in a .zip file on your new google site, then copy & paste the URL from that file into your blogger post, works great & nobody will know the diff.

I've been doing this for almost a year now, no problems.

Anonymous said...

i build a new center for plugins, but i not ready to collect all.

PS: i am "Schorradt" (sketchucation)

sheFF9 said...

as i assume your plugins is open source code you could look on to

They host open source code with subversion

Neil said...

Hi there, I love your blog, but agree looking back for previous posts can be a little cumbersome. (I'm looking for one now, and came across this post!)

Maybe store your code on one of the following;

its bit like
but under the google banner

Then set up a wiki page for each of your plugins. On google Sites or any of the many that come up on a "free wiki" google search.

I can personally recommend Google sites, I use everyday as a development blog, along side SVN tracking, and final release links on our companies domain. With my non-developer colleagues able to see what I'm working on at that moment.

The best thing is, as you're using, you already have access to google code and google sites!

Kind Regards


Kent M. said...

I think that a dedicated website built in a content management system (CMS) is the way to go.
Joomla version 1.5.9 is a very easy to use, secure, and well supported product. It's free software with MANY functional pieces (extensions) to use, also for free.

If you have a web hosting account already, most of them support JOOMLA now. As you know, as web hosting account can be had for just a few dollars a month.

I'd be glad to discuss it with you and show you several sites built with Joomla.

Kent M.
ixboat AT gmail DOT com

r said...

Hello Jim,
I prefer a Google site to a blog or group for this sort of thing. You should really check out the Google sites.

With a Google site you could create a page for each plugin and link them all to a index page that is then linked to the main navigation bar. Comments are supported on each page or you can create a link to a dedicated comment page for each script.

I actually think Google sites are better than a Google group. Basically you get all the benefits of a group but in a website form.

The only draw back i see would be no Usenet, but i really don't think you are looking for that sort of interaction with SU users.

Of course this is just my opinion.

Keep up the good work bro!

Chris Fullmer said...

I agree its hard to do this type of hosting on a blog. I'd love it if you had a way to have each plugin on its own page with conversations about each plugin right there handy with the script. Well good luck, your site is an incredible source!


Anonymous said...


very affordable

Pathros said...

I think you could host them in a forum.

my sketchup forum use VietNamese

Architectural Draughting Services said...

Hi Jim,

Have you heard of Blog LABELS? we'll neither had I until I came across this helpful blogger. Good luck with it if you try it.

Cheers Jeff

catamountain said...

There are many things you can do inside Google Sites. Here's one way to get a blog into Sites

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