New 3D Warehouse Features: Sharing & Collaboration for Models

Google has introduced some great new sharing features to 3D Warehouse - its online SketchUp model repository.

Sharing gives you control over who can view, download, and even edit your models.

It's now possible to make a model private, but invite people as either viewers or collaborators on the model. Collaboration does not happen real-time. As a collaborator, you would download the model, make your edits, and then re-upload it. The model owner would then accept or deny the changes. A history of changes is also maintained and previous versions of the model are made available for download.

The Official Google SketchUp Blog has a run-down of the new features, and Alex Schreyer has a write-up on how it works and how it is useful.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I can see the possibilities. I've been using SketchUp to work people on laser cut designs and have been concerned with distributing models. This could really help the collaborative process whilst keeping their ideas protected.

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