Sketchup Ruby API Class Diagrams

Inspired by a thread on Google Groups[1], I decided to make my own class diagrams of the SketchUp Ruby API classes and modules. These were made using a script running in SketchUp which output a file for GraphViz[2].

I decided to create separate graphs for the Observers, the UI, and Geom classes/modules in order to keep the main SketchUp diagram readable when printed on a singe sheet of paper. 






[1] Incomplete API Class Diagram (author: RLC)
[2] GraphViz


Flights said...

Nice! I am printing them out now. I am using a laser printer - so will that be classified as a "singed piece of paper" ;-P

Jim Foltz said...

Thanks, Flights. I am trying to do a method reference on one page also, but there's an awful lot to fit. Any ideas about layout?

Flights said...

That is a lot of info! You could try something like the method index at but in a multi-column format. Also, instead of listing the same method multiple times you can list classes after a method to save space.

This could work, the only time I use the method index is when I know the name of the method I want, but I'm not sure which classes I should be using. Not as nice as your other layouts though.

Good luck, I can't wait to print the results of your hard work again!

Tomasz said...

Jim, I could put everything into FreeMind map.
It is very helfull to navigate through small databases :)
Please send me everything in text or other common format.

ads said...

Nice work Jim.

Now you have the Type/Class Hierarchy perhaps you could create the same style for the Parts Hierarchy to show how instances of classes fit together to create objects in SketchUp.


Jim Foltz said...

Hi Adam, can you explain a little more about your comments?

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