Sketchup Ruby API Class Diagrams

Inspired by a thread on Google Groups[1], I decided to make my own class diagrams of the SketchUp Ruby API classes and modules. These were made using a script running in SketchUp which output a file for GraphViz[2].

I decided to create separate graphs for the Observers, the UI, and Geom classes/modules in order to keep the main SketchUp diagram readable when printed on a singe sheet of paper. 






[1] Incomplete API Class Diagram (author: RLC)
[2] GraphViz


Flights Of Ideas said...

Nice! I am printing them out now. I am using a laser printer - so will that be classified as a "singed piece of paper" ;-P

J said...

Thanks, Flights. I am trying to do a method reference on one page also, but there's an awful lot to fit. Any ideas about layout?

Flights Of Ideas said...

That is a lot of info! You could try something like the method index at but in a multi-column format. Also, instead of listing the same method multiple times you can list classes after a method to save space.

This could work, the only time I use the method index is when I know the name of the method I want, but I'm not sure which classes I should be using. Not as nice as your other layouts though.

Good luck, I can't wait to print the results of your hard work again!

Anonymous said...

Jim, I could put everything into FreeMind map.
It is very helfull to navigate through small databases :)
Please send me everything in text or other common format.

Unknown said...

Nice work Jim.

Now you have the Type/Class Hierarchy perhaps you could create the same style for the Parts Hierarchy to show how instances of classes fit together to create objects in SketchUp.


J said...

Hi Adam, can you explain a little more about your comments?

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