SketchUp -> 3D Rad Exporter

3D Rad is a program for creating interactive 3d environments. It has a fairly impressive list of features like physics capable objects, shader-based rendering, skeletal animation blending, car-physics, A.I. driving, flight-simulation, and scripting.
They recently released a free exporter for Google SketchUp, so you can import your models for use in animations, walk-thu's, physics-based games, and lighting simulations to name a few.Here's a shot of the exporter menu options:
The 3D Rad homepage has a couple SketchUp tutorials; which I was able to follow, and re-create the simulations for myself. There is a 30-day, full-featured trial version available, and the cost for the pro version is $159. The exporter is free.They also have a number of tutorial videos on YouTube.

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