Dragon Illusion

Bill was ingenious enough to have thought of this first. It's a very cool optical illusion that started life as a paper model, but works in SketchUp. There was a discussion about the model in the Google SketchUp group

Download it and orbit around.


shockeymoe said...

I came across this model on the net and I had to build it. It is very cool. I am awe struck that you built it in SU and did such a perfect job of it. Does the copyright holder know? They should use it on Google Earth to promote themselves.
Again, I am very impressed with your effort. It demonstrates both the adaptability of the tool and your obvious skill in using the features. Bravo!

shockeymoe said...

Jim, I just realized that you didn't build it. Ummm... sorry for the mix up... Your models are nice too... is there anything else I can say without embarassing myself further? I'm going back to bed.

Jim said...

Thanks for the comments. I have updated the posting to make it more clear.

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